Ilustrasi Sastra "Lover's Manifesto".
Sumber: Pinterest

Too bad feels don't show, too bad you wouldn't know. I said the words, what do I expect? I don't know. 

What I know is, I know how much you adore sunsets, when last bit of light graze the top of the sycamore, so why don't we spend sunsets together some more.

I know how pretty those amber eyes are. I wonder if your eyes are prettier than the stars. 

I know your name's a literal poetry. I wonder how it goes if I don't even try.

My fault for being oblivious to your scars. I guess life for you had not been less harsh. Just know you had my shoulders if you ever crash.

Three steps away. Three words to say. Once again the feeling was kept at bay. And we were met halfway.

- Ahmad Ridha

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