Ilustrasi Sastra 'Grateful Icarus'.
Sumber: Pinterest

I've climb the top, willing to call you with no doubt. 

But the air strangle me, as I see your name blurred across the screen.

I've chase my hope with no stop, without any second pass without you in my thoughts. 

But the stars falls as I crumble on my knee, barely alive, barely able to see the limitless space upon me.

I've calls the sun to bring me drought, for desiring of your presence, and the chaos that I've been brought. 

Yet here I am ungrateful for the peace that you've given me. 

Here I am soaring trough the night without moving, roaring trough the sky without screaming, living trough the time without living.

I have fallen from sky that promises to watch upon you and me.

I have fallen and shall not cry unless it's your wing to protect me.

So please, fly as high as your dream to be, and remember that I shall fall and pray for you till I meet the bottom of the sea.


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