Ilustrasi Sastra "24 In Eloquence".
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In the depths of my being, a thought emerged, unspoken, until now its essence is unheard.

For as long as I've known, its shape has shifted, an evolving entity. Words fail to capture the depth of my desire to converse and to set the soul on fire. I can't make it beautiful the way that I want it to feel. I'm still learning the right, I'm still learning my voice. In the realm of thought where beauty resides, I fear my words fall short like fleeting tides. Writing is my refuge, my solace, my art. Where my mind drifts to the most mundane that flows freely, mastered in heart.

Yet speaking is a struggle, a constant refrain, Repeating myself as if in the endless refrain and that I'm going to reach the age where I'm like a wizard at what I do and what I know so much, but I don't think that is ever going to be the case because I'm constantly learning ad I keep thinking, “Who I am now, is this like matured version of myself?” then a month passed, and I look back, I'm like “Oh God if you only knew what you know now”

I let these words dance like poetry's grace, a testament to the longing that I embrace. For in the quest for wisdom, I shall persist, ever curious, ever eager, forever insistent.

─ sentimentale value

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