Ilustrasi Sastra "Confession".
Sumber: Dok. Pribadi

Finally, I spoke out
The unspoken words shout out
When you don't even realize that it's real
But it seems like a joke
Am I get it all wrong? 
Yes, I did
All the things I did
All the things you did, I get it all wrong
I'm hoping I never getting here
Stuck in the deep ocean
I'm drownin'
With the shadows of you
How pathetic it is
You aren't my savior
You won't
And never be
There is one thing keep runnin' on my mind
Get lost! 
'Cuz I'm scared to keep drownin'
Drowning and hoping you to come give a help
How if I told you it was real? 
Would everything change? 
Shout me your words
Dear the acquisce man
By- Khai

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