Ilustrasi Sastra "FMFB".
Sumber: Pinterest

Promiscuous feeling unlocked.
Over and over again everytime I read the end of our chapter.
Wish I could read the next chapter of ours after I turn back the last page.
Can I make one wish to turn back the time? 
'Cuz I just wanna enjoy the time when our first movie date turned on.
Or the time when we talk about random things.
Or the silence I heard when I caught you sleep while we're on the phone.
Or should I make a wish to turn back the time when I don't even notice you exist? 
From 친구 (chingu) to 자기야 (jagiya) and now we've been too far to each other.  
Here I am watching you from my screen with a heap of questions.
Sadly, we've run out of paper to write our chapter.
The chapter's end but the feeling kept sinking me down.


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